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About Us

Welcome to FleetMentor, your premier destination for corporate driver training and fleet risk management solutions. With a commitment to excellence and our skilled team of advanced driving instructors and examiners, we specialise in providing expertise in motion, bringing unparalleled knowledge to enhance your company's safety, efficiency, and overall performance on the road.

We operate throughout the UK and Ireland.


At FleetMentor, our experienced instructors blend technical knowledge with practical wisdom. With a deep understanding of road safety and fleet management, they bring invaluable insights to every session.

Driver Training

Our tailored programs address modern business needs. From our safe driving induction courses and classroom sessions to our advanced driving programs, we equip drivers – both experienced and new – with confidence and techniques on how to stay safe on the roads.

Fleet Risk

Understanding that your fleet has its risks is the first step in building and maintaining a successful team of drivers.  Our team can help you identify and mitigate risks to your drivers and fleet and help you meet your health and safety requirements.


Unrivalled Expertise in Motion

Tailored Solutions

Safety First

Measurable Results

Partnership Approach

Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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